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      Compounding extrusion pelletiz

      All kinds of cable compounding granulating line Wire cable PVC compounding extrusion production line HFFR cable compounding extrusion pelletizing Semicon Shield cable compounding extrusion pelletizing XLPE cable compounding extrusion pelletizing Silane XLPE cable compounding extrusion pelletizing PE Communication cable compounding extrusion pelletizing

      Engineering plastic modifying compounding pelletizing line Alloy modification---ABS/PC;PA/ABS;PPO/PS, etc compounding extrusion pelletizing production line. Reinforcement modification--PP, PA/GF (glass fiber), carbon fiber compounding extrusion pelletizing production line. Filling modification--PP, PA/talcum powder, CaCO3, Mica barium sulfate, etc compounding extrusion pelletizing production line Toughness modification--PC, ABS/elastomer, rubber, etc compounding extrusion pelletizing production line. Function modification co-compounding extrusion pelletizing production line.

      High Efficiency Functional Master batch compounding pelletizing CaCO3 High filler Master Batch compounding pelletizing line High Concentration Carbon Black Master Batch compounding pelletizing line Melt-blown (cooling) Master Batch compounding pelleting line TiO2 White Master Batch compounding pelletizing line Fiber (Polypropylene/Polyester) Master Batch compounding pelletizing line Color Master Batch compounding pelletizing line

      Modified material pelletizing line Energy-efficient Petrochemical Polimerization PP powder pelletizing line Green bio-based starch degradation masterbatch compounding pelletizing line Grafting material(compatibilizers) pelletizing line TPE/TPV Elastomer pelletizing line

      Compounding Extrusion Forming

      Updated LFT-D Long Glass Fiber online Molding line On-line Molding production Line of LFT-D

      Optimized One-step Compounding extrusion forming line Composite Material Compounding Extrusion Calendering Forming Production Line Polymer Waterproof Membrane Compounding Extrusion Calendering Forming Production Line Cellular Polyethylene Separator For Lead-Acid Accumulator Battery Compounding Extrusion Production Line Super-Critical CO2 Foaming XPS, XPP, XPE Board Forming Production Line TPU Shoe Material (Counter) Compounding Extrusion Forming Production Line High Filling Composite Sheet (Stone Paper) Compounding Extrusion Forming Production Line Environmental Protective High filling Composite Packing Board Compounding Extrusion Forming Production Line Biodegradable Sheet Material Compounding Extrusion Calendering Forming Production Line Free Pre Drying and Crystallization PET Material Extrusion Calendering Forming Production Line

      Upgraded One Step Process film casting forming line PVC Functional Film Compounding Extrusion Casting Forming Production Line EVA Solar Usage Functional Film Compounding Extrusion Casting Forming Production Line PP, PE Air permeable Film Compounding Extrusion Casting Stretch Forming Production Line Functional Film Compounding Extrusion Casting/ Leaching/Coating Forming Production Line

      Functional Sheet Extrusion Forming line Consumable Powder Materials Compounding Extrusion Milling Production Line Cellular Structure Board Extrusion Forming System Drainage/ Storage Board Extrusion Forming Production Line Spinneret Mattress Extrusion Forming Production Line

      Reactive Polymerization Devolatilization line

      On-line Molding production Line of LFT-D

      Live pictures
      Case description

      Definition of LFT:

      LFT stands for Long Fiber reinforced Thermoplastics. Compares to the normal reinforced thermoplastics materials, its fiber length can only reach 1 mm, while using CENMEN processing technology, LFT fiber length will get at least 2 mm, in practical uses the LFT fiber length can stay between 5-10 mm or more.

      In automobile industry, LFT material is applied in fabrication of structural and semi-structural components majorly, such as Front-end module, bumper beam, dashboard framework, battery bracket, spare tire bin, seat framework, pedal and integral floor, etc. And long fiber reinforced polypropylene is mainly be applied in The engine hood, dashboard skeleton, battery bracket, seat skeleton, car front-end module, bumper, luggage rack, spare placenta, fender, fan blade, engine chassis, roof liner, etc.

      Formulation and Raw Material Illustration:



      MI=25~50g/10min,Homopolymer PP which has excellent tensile strength and modulus.

      Long Glass Fiber


      Alkali-free glass fiber, soaked by coupling agent, linear density 2400.

      Coupling agent


      Commonly used silane coupling agent.



      Commonly using maleic anhydride graft compatibilizer to increase the compatibility of glass fiber and resin.



      Improve melt fluidity, prevent melt from adhering to abrasives, and improve surface finish of products.

      Anti-oxygen Agent


      Improving the anti-oxygen ability.

      Other Additives


      Such as color masterbatch, antistatic agent and etc. Added appropriately according to product requirements.

      Inorganic Filler


      Normal inorganic filler like CaCO3, Talc and tec. Offering strength and lower the cost.

      Glass Fiber Length and Distribution Status:

      1563436334333989QQhW.png                                       156343635824855174Z6.png        

      Technical standard for the final product:                        

      The whole glass fiber is uniformly distributed in a network。                            Electron Microscopic Observation:

                                                                                                                               TEM test of melt after material extrusion                                                              

      80% Glass fiber >30mm,Partly above 40mm

      Distribution of glass fibers: deviation (±1%)

      Present Situation of Domestic LFT:

      Domestic technology of LFT-D online mould pressing forming equipment is not mature, most of the domestic equipment can only supply low-tech LFT product so currently the LFT-D online mould pressing forming equipment is reply on import majorly.

      Based on the current situation of the domestic LFT-D equipment, CENMEN co-developing the LFT-D online mould pressing forming equipment with Beijing University of Chemical Industry and Beijing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, for replacing the imported equipment. CENMEN was taking responsibility of the extrusion system development and manufacturing.

      The traditional production technology of reinforced glass fiber composite material (such as injection molding and etc.) is a separated two-step process, which requires polymer/glass fiber composite granules that produced by the raw material manufacturer, then injection molding formed by the final product manufacturer. Due to the separated processes, this traditional forming method costs higher with processing, transition, storage and other intermediate links for the semi-finished product. Also, inner fiber glass of the final product average length cannot reach over 2mm and the eeinforcement and toughening effect is limited since the two-times separated melt plasticization processes of the traditional forming process.

      Long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites (LFT) compounding extrusion is a newly updated one-step production technology, which is able to leave out all intermediate links and cost saving up to 20-30% compare to the traditional injection molding process. Furthermore, the special two-stage twin screw extruder technic and die cutting design can provide up to 10mm inner fiber glass length of the final product, its technical performance is increased by 25-40% to the traditional injection molding process.

      This late-model whole set production line is equipped with twin screw extruder, cutting designed die head, Infiltration method and other technics. This equipment set performs excellent mechanical properties and is capable of producing above 10mm average length final glass fiber product.

      LFT-D Online Mould Pressing Technology Introduction:


      • Twin screw two stages consecutive compounding extruder: the first stage extruder is for the composite material compounding; the second stage extruder is for the function of melt and glass fiber material coating, glass fiber cutting and the distribution effect for the glass fiber within the melt material.

      • Transition device and manipulator: the transition device is for fixed length cut-off, precise conveying and heat preservation function. Multi-joint manipulator can automatically grab the melt material from the conveying device and feed it into the die cavity of the hydraulic press, which facilitates the interlocking operation of the whole production line.

      • Hydraulic pressing forming device: composition of frame, main cylinder, hydraulic system, electrical control system, safety system and other auxiliary components. Motive system provides controllable hydraulic power source for press, which consists of high pressure pump, pressure regulating valve, oil tank, etc.

      • The whole production line is equipped with programmable logic controller-PLC control system, completes the automation and information management of the whole production line, and achieves the automatic control and information centralization.

      LFT-D Final Product:


      Video Display

      Copyright Jiangsu Cenmen Equipment Corp., Ltd@ 2018 China All Rights Reserved

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